9 mar. 2014


I think that stiletto shoes should be found in every wardrobe of every woman. They are gorgeous in my acceptance when wear them help you have a certain attitude and a certain attitude.
Along with stiletto shoes I think we must have all season red lipstick definitely will not go out of style. Mascara, no matter the brand, which makes us sexy ... and you know ... the eyes are the mirror of the soul, you should not miss. Hugs and take care of yourself!

3 comentarii:

  1. I agree stilleto shoes are sexy.

  2. i agree! stilettos makes our but tighter and our hips sway when we walk ;) doen't matter what dress size you wear, you'll always look sexy in stilettos. thanks to the genius who invented these shoes!

  3. Such pretty things! I love our blog and would be delighted to follow each other. Let me know on my blog if yes!