31 mar. 2014

Backless dresses

These dresses have attracted my attention and I decided to show you! What do you think?

30 mar. 2014


29 mar. 2014

As candy!

28 mar. 2014

New feeling!

27 mar. 2014


     At the eighth annual Gopo - Romanian Film Promotion Association is organizing the eighth edition of the Gopo Awards Gala. This annual event honors the values ​​of current Romanian cinema - movie stars in the world and not only made ​​their appearance on the red carpet at the National Opera in Bucharest wearing outfits that are more or less elegant. Here are some of the ones that I liked very much.
     Hope you enjoy and also tell me which is your favorite!

Malvina Cservenschi -Dress Rhea Costa

Raluca Lazarut - Outfit Stephan Pelger

                                                   Andreea Raicu - Outfit Stephan Pelger

                                                                          Dana Rogoz

                                                                  Diana Dumitrescu

    Laura Cosoi - Dress Stephan Pelger


25 mar. 2014

Combination of browns

       For today I chose a combination of browns. The bag is AB Classics, shirt bought from Zara, jacket made ​​by my size, jeans from a shop in town Medgidia. I chose So Elixir fragrance that is sensual, is composed of bergamot, jasmine and rose essences combined in a very intense background essences of patchouli, tonka bean and incense extract. It is a feminine scent that attracts all eyes!
       Hope you enjoy my mix!

24 mar. 2014


        I found this skirt, go for hot days. It can be worn without jewelry, because from my point of view she has sewn beads that make it special. If you liked my skirt and you can take the idea to manufacture one similar in your size! Spore to work! kisses

22 mar. 2014

For the Summer!

21 mar. 2014

Some ideas?

   These shoes Dorothy Perkins  was a gift from my husband last year. They are very nice and are held to be one sensual. It was a very pleasant surprise, I like very much, but I managed to wear on before.

    Today we were invited to take part in the wedding of a very good friend and so I went straight to think of these shoes. The problem is I do not know what colors to choose for the dress and accessories. Can you give me some ideas? Hugs!

20 mar. 2014