27 mar. 2014


     At the eighth annual Gopo - Romanian Film Promotion Association is organizing the eighth edition of the Gopo Awards Gala. This annual event honors the values ​​of current Romanian cinema - movie stars in the world and not only made ​​their appearance on the red carpet at the National Opera in Bucharest wearing outfits that are more or less elegant. Here are some of the ones that I liked very much.
     Hope you enjoy and also tell me which is your favorite!

Malvina Cservenschi -Dress Rhea Costa

Raluca Lazarut - Outfit Stephan Pelger

                                                   Andreea Raicu - Outfit Stephan Pelger

                                                                          Dana Rogoz

                                                                  Diana Dumitrescu

    Laura Cosoi - Dress Stephan Pelger


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