15 ian. 2016

       My favorite stores

      Here is a collection of good sites to shop for chic clothes and cheap.

      Dailylook not only have a large selection of on-trend merchandise at amazing prices, but they present their products in a truly unique way. Everyday stylists, as the name suggests Dailylook outfit creates the objects they offer on their website. The big picture matters to me.

      Urban Outfitters I must confess that I hardly likely given the store, but here you have to find some offers opportunities for parts adoprabile with discrete prices.

      Topshop This super trendy site appeared in England and then in the US, Beyonce loves him very much as me. I have quite a lot of clothes in the wardrobe on their website.

      H & M has started in Europe, and their clothes are quite affordable -20 to 30 $. You browse this site, I feel happy, have a lot of nice blouses, shirts, dresses and fabrics. I also bought jewelry at affordable prices.

      I hope my list of websites to help you in choosing outfits. hugs