24 iul. 2014


For a meeting with friends, I chose a cute, but at the same time comfortable. Hope you enjoy the pictures and my choice. Kisses!

23 iul. 2014

Pencil skirt

         It's the skirt that draws outside feminine silhouette from waist to knee: mermaid hips, wasp waist, thighs nymph.

        All textbooks and recommend style TV shows as one of the most versatile pieces in our fashion arsenal. And so it is, especially if you get over the prejudice that we do believe that it fits only certain conformations. It's all in the mix, you see.

         He began his career as a simple skirt for day wear proper office. But today pencil skirt is more than a piece office, strictly business. In recent seasons we have been proposed colorful printed floral, abstract, digital, sequin and brocade, neoprene or lace. Presentations and meetings wearing romantic walks on Sunday and late-night party sites.
         For those still living with the feeling that pencil skirt is only severe ladies and outdated, I offer three points of reference: working girl in mind (see Carine Roitfeld and Victoria Beckham) clectic cool style (see Giovanna Battaglia) and sensual dramatic style (see Beyonce ).


22 iul. 2014

First meeting!

For the first meeting I made ​​a casual outfit, hope you enjoy.

20 iul. 2014

Sandals or sneakers?

I made ​​an outfit for a walk on the cliff, eventually stopping at a terrace and sip lemonade. What do you think works better? Sandals or sneakers? I'm a little indecisive, so expect your views! Kisses

18 iul. 2014

Just like Sneakers

Today I will show some pictures of my new pair of shoes! Are in my opinion very nice. The colors are my thing and they can blend quite easily although they have a floral pattern. I'll leave you to enjoy some pictures! If you liked you can leave me a message!

17 iul. 2014


How many times have you cried bitter tears when you have found that you have ruined your clothes in the washing machine? 

Not to mention the "detergents attack" on the planet, when several objects wash after one wear! 

Well, if you sweat a blouse precious vodka spray on the affected areas and soon you will see the miracle. 


Vodka kills the bacteria responsible for odors of sweat, does not stain, does not leave any smell behind once dried and saved the nature of a portion of detergents!

15 iul. 2014


Watermelon is one of my favorite fruit is refreshing and has a unique flavor. In addition it has numerous health benefits and less well-known .
With only 46 calories per 250 grams, watermelon provides 20% of recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and 17% of the dose of vitamin A. Watermelon also contains fiber that promotes digestive health and potassium mineral that regulates blood pressure .

250 grams of watermelon contain 1.5 times more lycopene (an antioxidant it fights free radicals that affect the integrity of cells and immune system) than a tomato fresh - ie 6
  mg vs. 4 mg. To get the most out of the benefits of this delicious fruit lycopene, you can store at room temperature before consumption.
Watermelon juice combats muscular fever, also watermelon juice has cooling effect when eaten so exhausting after a meeting of sports exercises and forward (those who drank 450 grams of juice before a program of intense physical activity have had fewer cramps and a lower heart rate during the day because watermelon contains a substance called citrulline, which improves the functioning of arteries and lowers blood pressure - citrulline is present in higher amounts in nuts, another reason to put pickled red watermelons).

Watermelon is 91.5% water, and for its moisturizing properties, watermelon is the best ally of mine in the summer. Since dehydration, even mild, causing headaches, trouble concentrating, tiredness, nervousness, watermelon should be included in your diet this time of year.
  I hope I have not bored you with this information and wish you good appetite!

14 iul. 2014

Summer day!

Even though yesterday was on 13 days in July - unlucky day for me was not so. It was a beautiful summer day and I took to get out to the park to relax and do some pictures for you. I have some pictures of my outfit Hermes park and I hope you enjoy. Waiting for your views. We kissed!

11 iul. 2014

Natural makeup

Natural makeup or nude made ​​it very easy at first, but do not overdo that cosmetics not mean you have to pay less attention to this type of makeup.
On the contrary, managed to get a look, it takes skill and knowledge of some simple steps to getting the best results from my point of view.

Natural makeup is very discreet and can be worn in many situations.
As its name says, natural makeup highlight your facial features without load your skin with foundation and eye shadow.

Use pastel shades, as open to emphasize the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Rules for a successful natural makeup

1. Covers imperfections
To mask imperfections on the face, use a quality concealer for the eyes, and a foundation in a shade close to the real one. It is advisable to use a thick layer of foundation, because you give the impression of artificial.

2. Uses mascara, not pencil
To enhance your look, it is advisable to use brown mascara if your skin is pale or black mascara if you have olive skin. When applying mascara, try not to load too many genes. One coat is enough to embellish your look.

3. Apply a thin layer of powder
To fix makeup, it is recommended to use a mattifying powder in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), which absorbs excess sebum possible. Makeup artists say that it is not appropriate to apply powder all over the face. A natural look and requires little gloss cheeks.

4. Choose a nude eyeshadow shades
The most suitable natural makeup eyeshadows are nude shades - beige, brown, champagne, very pale pink, etc.. They are applied in a single layer until crease.
If you have green eyes, the most suitable colors are green, gold, purple and scarlet. Blue eyes are put in value with makeup gray, silver and pink, while for brown eyes can use gold, purple, brown and gray.

5. Keep lips nude shades
To complete the natural look, use a nude lipstick shades, a balm or just a lip gloss.
6. Use a creamy blush
Cream blush can be found in the form of candy, delicate foam or light cream. It's recommended to use natural makeup because you give a fresh look and you do not load skin.

P.S. I hope my tips will be useful, and so next time you give a hug and many kisses

10 iul. 2014

Old music!

Because yesterday I was to relax with the family vacation home and we passed a field of sunflowers I stopped and took a few that I like. When I got home and I found my old music discs included a vintage air, so I made ​​an outfit for listening to old music on the terrace. Hope you enjoy!

9 iul. 2014

Nail polish for summer

 Hello everyone!
 Because it's summer and we need to have well groomed nails as I am going to show you some of my favorite models.

These models are very nice because it can be worn in the evening but during the day, can be worn with a classy but sport. I am an accessory for beach season, when you only suit and glasses beach!

If you liked the patterns on nails can you tell me. Until next time I kissed you!