21 mai 2016

Particularly pants !

Hi ... For today I want to show you a few pairs of pants with geometric shapes or colors. They are very nice . These pictures can help in choosing future wardrobes . Good luck shopping if you buy something like this!
similar here

                                                              similar here

                                                              similar here
                                                              similar here
                                                              similar here

15 ian. 2016

       My favorite stores

      Here is a collection of good sites to shop for chic clothes and cheap.

      Dailylook not only have a large selection of on-trend merchandise at amazing prices, but they present their products in a truly unique way. Everyday stylists, as the name suggests Dailylook outfit creates the objects they offer on their website. The big picture matters to me.

      Urban Outfitters I must confess that I hardly likely given the store, but here you have to find some offers opportunities for parts adoprabile with discrete prices.

      Topshop This super trendy site appeared in England and then in the US, Beyonce loves him very much as me. I have quite a lot of clothes in the wardrobe on their website.

      H & M has started in Europe, and their clothes are quite affordable -20 to 30 $. You browse this site, I feel happy, have a lot of nice blouses, shirts, dresses and fabrics. I also bought jewelry at affordable prices.

      I hope my list of websites to help you in choosing outfits. hugs

26 iun. 2015

Bang Bang!

         Blue for summer days can be a wonderful choice! What do you think ? The matching can choose from sneakers to stilettos ! Not true ?
         I wish you inspiration !

26 oct. 2014

Where summer days?

24 iul. 2014


For a meeting with friends, I chose a cute, but at the same time comfortable. Hope you enjoy the pictures and my choice. Kisses!

23 iul. 2014

Pencil skirt

         It's the skirt that draws outside feminine silhouette from waist to knee: mermaid hips, wasp waist, thighs nymph.

        All textbooks and recommend style TV shows as one of the most versatile pieces in our fashion arsenal. And so it is, especially if you get over the prejudice that we do believe that it fits only certain conformations. It's all in the mix, you see.

         He began his career as a simple skirt for day wear proper office. But today pencil skirt is more than a piece office, strictly business. In recent seasons we have been proposed colorful printed floral, abstract, digital, sequin and brocade, neoprene or lace. Presentations and meetings wearing romantic walks on Sunday and late-night party sites.
         For those still living with the feeling that pencil skirt is only severe ladies and outdated, I offer three points of reference: working girl in mind (see Carine Roitfeld and Victoria Beckham) clectic cool style (see Giovanna Battaglia) and sensual dramatic style (see Beyonce ).


22 iul. 2014

First meeting!

For the first meeting I made ​​a casual outfit, hope you enjoy.

20 iul. 2014

Sandals or sneakers?

I made ​​an outfit for a walk on the cliff, eventually stopping at a terrace and sip lemonade. What do you think works better? Sandals or sneakers? I'm a little indecisive, so expect your views! Kisses

18 iul. 2014

Just like Sneakers

Today I will show some pictures of my new pair of shoes! Are in my opinion very nice. The colors are my thing and they can blend quite easily although they have a floral pattern. I'll leave you to enjoy some pictures! If you liked you can leave me a message!

17 iul. 2014


How many times have you cried bitter tears when you have found that you have ruined your clothes in the washing machine? 

Not to mention the "detergents attack" on the planet, when several objects wash after one wear! 

Well, if you sweat a blouse precious vodka spray on the affected areas and soon you will see the miracle. 


Vodka kills the bacteria responsible for odors of sweat, does not stain, does not leave any smell behind once dried and saved the nature of a portion of detergents!