10 mar. 2014

About Bra!

Did you know that Stephanie Middagh, employee Costume Museum in Winnipeg, Canada, says that, with the advent of bra cup, no more talking about the woman's chest, but on her breasts as separate entities. 1920s Fashion flatten the breasts and buttocks, while in 1930 the trend is to highlight the curves and femininity. With the advent of bra cup , it recognizes the fact that breasts are different sizes. This discovery became the focal point of a multi-billion dollar industry annually.
A single bra is 45 grams and contains less than 40 parts. It is designed to support the weight of 300 grams to nine pounds. Consumatoarele annually spends over 16 billion U.S. dollars on bras. Every woman has at least six items of this type in the wardrobe. Studies say that 80 % of women wearing the wrong size bra. Designers recommended pencil test to see if the bra is the right one: a pencil is placed between the breasts. If it falls to the floor, the woman in question must wear a bra. Increase in purchasing bras right my dear !

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  1. Great looking bras I will want to buy one.

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  3. i like the blue ones!


  4. Interesting facts. xx


  5. I didn't know these things about bras, thank you. They are all pretty. I am a new follower.


  6. That is very interesting to hear. I've never really given them much thought. Very pretty, too!