4 mar. 2014

How to make a bun with braids

Because they wear braids I am going to show you how to make a hairstyle for spring or summer . This hairstyle is especially cute with cat involves a bun , a wreath and pig tails .

Take the front of the hair from ear to ear and the ear blends or as it is called French and tail . Leave the tip of the tail to the point 7. Take some hair from the top head tapeaz it and catch it with pins so as to create a hairstyle half up, half down. Then , starting from one side , take a section of hair, twist it and bring it to the opposite side , then grab it with a pin .
Take the tail hair you just got it and create a new section of hair, twist it, and bring it to the opposite side , then grab it with a pin just below the twisted strand above. Repeat the process until there are sections on any part and you only have tails. Catch the latest twist tails and crossed to obtain the effect of intersection .
After all the hair is twisted and caught putting weave back and catch it with clips , so do tail twine .
If you want to have a more casual , easy pull loops queues .

I hope you come out as good hairstyle ! kisses!

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