11 iul. 2014

Natural makeup

Natural makeup or nude made ​​it very easy at first, but do not overdo that cosmetics not mean you have to pay less attention to this type of makeup.
On the contrary, managed to get a look, it takes skill and knowledge of some simple steps to getting the best results from my point of view.

Natural makeup is very discreet and can be worn in many situations.
As its name says, natural makeup highlight your facial features without load your skin with foundation and eye shadow.

Use pastel shades, as open to emphasize the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Rules for a successful natural makeup

1. Covers imperfections
To mask imperfections on the face, use a quality concealer for the eyes, and a foundation in a shade close to the real one. It is advisable to use a thick layer of foundation, because you give the impression of artificial.

2. Uses mascara, not pencil
To enhance your look, it is advisable to use brown mascara if your skin is pale or black mascara if you have olive skin. When applying mascara, try not to load too many genes. One coat is enough to embellish your look.

3. Apply a thin layer of powder
To fix makeup, it is recommended to use a mattifying powder in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), which absorbs excess sebum possible. Makeup artists say that it is not appropriate to apply powder all over the face. A natural look and requires little gloss cheeks.

4. Choose a nude eyeshadow shades
The most suitable natural makeup eyeshadows are nude shades - beige, brown, champagne, very pale pink, etc.. They are applied in a single layer until crease.
If you have green eyes, the most suitable colors are green, gold, purple and scarlet. Blue eyes are put in value with makeup gray, silver and pink, while for brown eyes can use gold, purple, brown and gray.

5. Keep lips nude shades
To complete the natural look, use a nude lipstick shades, a balm or just a lip gloss.
6. Use a creamy blush
Cream blush can be found in the form of candy, delicate foam or light cream. It's recommended to use natural makeup because you give a fresh look and you do not load skin.

P.S. I hope my tips will be useful, and so next time you give a hug and many kisses

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